Sunday, December 18, 2022

Merry Christmas, 2022!

Another bowling year comes to an end with a members' dinner at Magpies Waitara (Thanks! The food was great!). There was a great turnout with great food and drink and some dancing.

After the food was served the Clark Awards were presented. Points awarded toward the Clark Award are determined by the number of games a bowler bowls above their average. It's a great measure of a bowler's improving ability.

Congratulations to the winners:

Some pictures of the festivities:

The Committee wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. See you all in February.

Sunday, October 16, 2022


On Saturday 15th October 2022, Adam, Candice, Dom, Lauren, Natham, Tim and Warren travelled to Orange for the Orange Disability Championship.

As we have not bowled for some time, some bowlers were a tad rusty, but they all had fun and warmed up in the end.

The most outstanding bowlers were Adam and Natham in a Doubles series with Adam bowling 23 over average and scoring 212 in the first game whilst Natham bowled 15 over average.

Well done to all!

Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Rockets Invitational!

We hosted the Rockets Invitational!

Adam, Brett, Candice, Dom, Elizabeth, Emma C, Emma M, Gerry, Jeremy, Lauren, Natham, Patrick, Tim and Warren bowled at our recent The Rockets Disability Invitational held on 27th and 28th August 2022.

We have not held this competition for 2 years due to covid, so it was great to be back with all our friends.

We had a wonderful result with our raffles - $700+ profit.  Many thanks to the parents and bowlers for donating the products and thanks to Lucy for beautifully putting them all together.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Kallan Strong, who bowled a perfect score of 300.  A first for our competition and a first for NSW Disability in a local competition.

Below are the bowlers who scored 15 or more over their average:

Saturday Singles 

  • Dom – 17 over average, 
  • Emma C – 22 over avera
Saturday Doubles 

  • Patrick – 15 over average
  • Jeremy – 24 over average

Saturday Teams

  •  Gerry – 19 over average

Sunday Singles

  • Dom – 30 over average

Sunday Doubles

  • Emma M – 22 over average

Sunday Teams

  • Candice – 23 over
  • Emma M – 25 over
  • Adam – 18 over 
  • Dom – 22 over
  • Elizabeth 16 over


All Events – 

  • B Grade – Emma C – 1st trophy, Emma M – 2nd
  • C Grade – Elizabeth – 2nd       

Singles Female

  • B Grade – Emma C – 1st
  • C Grade – Candice – 3rd

Male – Classic – 

  • Adam – 2nd
  • E Grade – Dom – 1st and 2nd

Doubles – C Grade

  • Dom – 3rd with Michael Geelan from Blacktown
  • D Grade – Dom and Jeremy – 1st

Teams – A Grade

  • Adam, Emma M – 3rd with a vacant score
  • B Grade – Tim, Gerry and Brett – 3rd

Well done everyone.

Special Thanks to Lesley and Natham for their diligent work getting results by the end of the day. It was appreciated by all.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Rockets and the 2022 National Competition

 On Saturday 11th June, 9 bowlers and their parents flew to Melbourne, whilst 7 others drove down.

We checked into our accommodation with sleet falling and everyone wanting to get into the warm rooms.

Sunday saw The Rockets bowl a singles with Natham bowling 24 pins over average for the series and Lauren bowling 16 pins over average for the series including a turkey in a game of 142.

We then bowled trios with Candice scoring 34 pins over average for the series, Emma Crompton scoring 26 pins over average for the series and Emma Matthews scoring 15 pins over average for a Trio series including a turkey in a game of 141.

Next up was Doubles and we had Emma Crompton scoring 21 pins over average for the series.

Everyone bowled extremely well and had a scrumptious lunch provided by the accommodation. 

Monday 13th saw us back at the alley and the Singles provided these scores above average for the series: Emma M 22 over average, Tim turkey in 167.  Doubles were: Emma M 33 over average, Candice 28 over, Lauren 18 over with a turkey in 146 and Natham 15 over.  Trio scores were: Emma C 17 over average.

On Monday night we dined at Lazy Mo’s and below is a picture of a “very small meal” that we ate!!!!

Just a bit of fish and chips

On Tuesday the Singles over average included: Emma C 38, Emma M 35, Natham 31.  Doubles over average were: Emma M 29, Candice 21. And Trios were: Natham 29.

This night we ate at Pacino’s Family Restaurant.

Wednesday we visit ArtVo, a wonderful venue with amazing artwork:

Wednesday was also Peet Kerjan’s (Lauren’s Dad) birthday, so we had a surprise party for him at the accommodation. Balloons, table decorations, cake and champagne were flowing:

Thursday saw us bowling again, some great scores – well done bowlers.

Singles – Emma Matthews + 29 pins over average for the series.
Teams – Emma Matthews + 28, Natham + 15.
Doubles – Emma Crompton +41, Candice +30, Natham +21 and Lauren +20

Dinner was just a stone throw away at the local Tavern.

Friday saw us having a luncheon on Puffing Billy.  Great food, great drinks, great company:

Friday night we ate at Di Caprios, an Italian Restaurant.  NO MORE FOOD PLEASE, we are all so full!

Saturday, was Presentation Day.

We did so well – Natham 3rd in B Grade Singles, Emma Crompton and Candice 1st in C Grade Doubles and Emma Matthews and Candice 3rd in C Grade Doubles.

Saturday night, we dined at the local Pizza and Stone Grill Restaurant.

Well done bowlers and thanks to everyone

Saturday, March 12, 2022

ILLAWARRA Competiton

Today (Saturday 12 March) Adam, Brett, Candice, Emma C, Emma M, Natham, Tim and Warren competed in the Illawarra Star Strikers Club Challenge at Shellharbour.

Here are some of their achievements for the day:


SINGLES:           Natham turkey in 166

                           Tim turkey in 127


DOUBLES:         Emma M 43 over average for the series including a 4 bagger in a game of 171

                           Brett 19 over average for the series in his first competition as a Rocket


TEAMS:             Natham 28 over average for the series

                           Emma C 20 over average for the series


Watch this space in the coming weeks for our results.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

20201 End of Season Lunch

 Another bowling year has come to an end and as per tradition, we got together for lunch after the final pin dropped.

Most of us did, anyway. And some even outfitted themselves in their best Christmas garb.

See you all again in 2022!

Friday, June 18, 2021


DAY 6 – Back to Bowling

Today, we returned to the alley to bowl in our final day.

Tim had a wonderful day with a score of 206! (WOW!)

After bowling we returned to our accommodation and again, some slept and some went for a walk.

Dinner was at Gilhooleys – an Irish Restaurant in the heart of Brisbane.

Statsman (AKA Natham)