Monday, March 18, 2024

Illawarra Star Strikers Challenge

Hi there, everybody.

On Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of March 2024, Adam, Amy, Candice, Emma C, Emma M, Patrick and Tim ventured down to Warilla to play in the Illawarra Star Strikers Challenge.

In the Singles, Emma M scored 21 pins over average for the series, Adam 20 pins over and Amy 20 pins over.

Emma M scored 21 pins over average in the Doubles for the series.

In the Teams, Adam scored 31 pins over average for the series with a turkey in a game of 213, Adam again scored 25 pins over with a turkey in a game of 195, and Amy scored 15 pins over with a turkey in a game of 158.



B Grade – 1st Emma Matthews

                2nd Amy McFadden

C Grade – 2nd Candice Lundie


B Grade 1st Emma Matthews

2nd Amy McFadden

                3rd Emma Matthews



A Grade – 1st Adam Mandarano

C Grade – 3rd Tim Wilson


A Grade – 1st Adam Mandarano

                2nd Adam Mandarano


B Grade – 3rd Emma Matthews, Kyle Rauch (Illawarra)


B Grade – 1st Emma Matthews, Michael Parkes (Illawarra), Chris Parkes (Illawarra)

                3rd Amy McFadden, Emma Matthews, Michael Parkes (Illawarra)

Well done, everyone; awards will be presented when next at Rooty Hill.

Monday, December 4, 2023

2013 Rockets Presentation Evening

Saturday, 25th November 2023, saw The Rockets wine and dine at Magpies Waitara for their Presentation Evening. 

The menu comprised roast pork and crackling, satay chicken, honey mustard beef, vegetable and salad dishes and finished off with pavlova and profiteroles. 

The bowlers had a wonderful time dressing up in hats, glasses, and hula skirts (thanks, Lucy, for the outfits) for the photo booth and sang along with the jukebox and karaoke. 

Bowlers were presented with their trophies and a Bowlers Survival Kit, which comprised a grip sack, chocolate bar, body freshener, workout towel and a gift card enclosed in a handmade “purse” (thanks, Jo). 

The parents did not miss out this year – they were presented with a Parents Survival Kit with many amusing items. 

The 2024 Committee was presented, and the Clark Award was won by Amy, with Natham second and Lauren third. All positions were tightly contested, some bowlers only separated by a point or two. 

The Committee would like to wish all our Members a very Happy Christmas and a safe New Year. 

See you in January 2024. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Orange Disability Results

Yeah, we got medals...


Congratulations to Emma M, who obtained 3rd place in B Grade Female Singles and B Grade Female All Events and to Adam, who achieved 1st place in Classic Singles and 2nd in Classic All Events. 

The Rockets bowled exceptionally well despite a very difficult lane draw and placement!

Well Done!


"If everybody had an ocean Across the U.S.A."

On Friday, 20th October, 20 members attended The Australian Beach Boys Tribute Show at Hornsby RSL. 

A great night was had by all, singing and dancing, as these pictures prove:

(Rockets on RHS of the above photo)

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Orange City Disability Campionship

On Saturday, 14th October 2023, Adam, Candice, Dom, Elizabeth, Emma M, Lauren, Natham and Tim travelled to Orange to compete in the Orange City Disability Championships.

After an extremely long day of bowling: 

  • Adam was 37 pins over average in singles, with a turkey in a game of 204 and a 4-bagger in a game of 216.
  • In Doubles, Emma M scored a turkey in a game of 167.
Watch this space for medal results in the coming weeks!

Friday, September 8, 2023

The Rockets at the Invitational

We had our Annual Invitational and the Rockets didn't do too badly...


Female B Grade – Emma Matthews – 1st

                                 Emma Crompton – 2nd

                                 Lauren Kerjan – 3rd

Female C Grade – Candice Lundie – 1st

Male B Grade -     Gerry McNally – 3rd

Male D Grade –    Dom Costa – 1st


Female B Grade – Emma Crompton – 1st

                                 Emma Matthews – 2nd

                                 Amy McFadden – 3rd

Female C Grade – Elizabeth Gosson – 2nd

                                 Candice Lundie – 3rd

Male A Grade –     Adam Mandarano – 2nd


Open –     Adam Mandarano (with Mitch Meares who had a vacant score) – 2nd

A Grade – Adam Mandarano and Emma Matthews – 1st

B Grade – Gerry McNally and (Michael Parkes) – 3rd

C Grade – Elizabeth Gosson and Candice Lundie – 2nd

                   Amy McFadden and Dom Costs – 3rd


A Grade – Natham Constable, Adam Mandarano and (Chris Parkes) – 1st

                   Adam Mandarano, Gerry McNally and Emma Matthews – 2nd

C Grade – Dom Costa, Tim Wilson and Candice Lundie – 1st

                   Candice Lundie, Elizabeth Gosson and Dom Costa – 3rd

Well done to all the bowlers, and thanks to everyone who travelled to visit us.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

National Disability Championship - Adelaide 2023



On Saturday 10th June 2023, Dom (Rose), Emma C (Ron), Emma M (Christine), Gerry, Lauren (Peet and Marianne), Natham (Lesley), Tim (Denis), Lucy and Tony travelled to Adelaide to attend the 2023 National Disability Championships.

372 bowlers from all over Australia attended this competition, which makes it very hard to win medals or trophies.

Sunday 11th was our first day at the alley and the bowlers needed time to adjust to the lanes but we did have some great scores:

Dom bowled 24 over average, then another of 18 over average.

Natham had a turkey in a game of 155.

Emma M scored a 4 bagger in a 177 game.

Lauren scored a turkey in a game of 145


However, on Monday 12th, we had some amazing scores:

Dom once again scored a 24 over average and a 29 over, Emma M was 20 over, Natham had a turkey in a game of 182.


Tuesday 13th, was a bit up and down but our bowlers (and hopefully parents) are enjoying themselves:

Emma C scored 23 over average, Natham 18 over, Gerry 17 over, Dom 25 over whilst Emma M scored 22 over average.


Wednesday 14th was a sightseeing day.  We all had a well-deserved sleep in before we travelled down south to Victor Harbor to go on a Big Duck Cruise (Southern Ocean Adventure) before a lovely lunch at Nino’s.


Three lucky ladies (Marianne, Lucy and Lesley) then ventured to the Michael Buble concert at the Entertainment Centre – they were crooning all night and the next day!


Thursday 15th we were back to bowling. Some great scores from our bowlers.  Dom, once again dominated with a 16, 23 and 17 over average. Emma C had a 28 over average, Emma M 20 over, Lauren 20 and a 7 over, Natham a 12 and a 5 over and Tim had a 23 over average.  Well done bowlers. Today was Peet Kerjan’s birthday so we visited the South Australian Cruising Yacht Club – (seeing Peet is a “boat person”), to have dinner and Peet was given a Cheesecake (his favourite) to celebrate. The food was delicious. 



Friday 16th, sightseeing day.  We headed off to the German Arms for lunch before have some “down time” in Hahndorf.  Visited the Beerenberg Farm to purchase items before we headed back to the accommodation.  Dinner was at the Elephant and Castle Hotel, a quick 3-minute walk down the street.


Saturday 17th, we were back at the alley for the Presentations.  Dom received 2nd E Grade All Events and 2nd (and 3rd) in E Grade Singles whilst Emma C received 2nd in B Grade Singles. Free afternoon (cold, wet and windy) to pack before our Celebration Dinner at our accommodation.



Sunday 18th time to go home!


Thanks to everyone who assisted with the journey and to The Rocket Bowlers – you are amazing!


See you in Tuggeranong next year.